Professional Design Consultants

Our Designers specialize in visual identity graphic design to collaborate with our Customers to create letters and statements that call to action or enhance assets like logos, typography, color and images that represent a client’s brand.

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Dedicated Implementation Manager and Customer Service Representative

FocusOne devotes a dedicated implementation manager to each of its new client deployments. Once an account is activated a dedicated Customer Service Representative is assigned who has been engaged in implementation and familiar with the client’s business requirements going forward.

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Data & Software Integration

FocusOne is integrated with many Software solution products and can integrate with any process including data and image based data streams. We also offer a variety of standard, out of the box services:

Custom Filtering

By using custom filters many customers can use business rules to provide messages that target specific audiences based on customer requirements

Conditional Programming

By using conditional programming, FocusOne can customize customer correspondence by driving language, fonts and images to provide customer messages that target specific audiences based on customer requirements.

House Holding

FocusOne can identify the same consumer and address information within a file and insert these individual letters or statements into one envelope lowering postage costs.

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Address Scrubbing & Data Services

FocusOne utilizes the latest services and technology in conjunction with best standardizing and address scrubbing database to ensure delivery and accuracy of addresses both pre-mail processing as well as post mailing updates. These services are designed to reduce cost, improve processing efficiency, ensure deliverability. These services include:

Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS™)

CASS is a certification system from the United States Postal Service (USPS) for address validation. A CASS-certified address validation service standardizes and verifies your addresses and qualifies them for automated discounted postage rates.

National Change of Address (NCOA)

Approximately 110,000 people move daily in the United States. Our customers have direct access to the NCOA database keeping their mailing addresses current and minimizing return mail and maximizing postage savings. National Change of Address (NCOA) is a database that includes the permanent change-of-address records maintained by the U.S. Postal Service.


FocusOne’s proprietary address correction process uses two state-of-the-art address parsing algorithms that utilize Native Language Processing (NLP) techniques that provide a significant improvement over the USPS Address Element Correction (AEC) service, and includes apartment number append capabilities.

Our integrated Bankruptcy search can identify bankruptcies based on service dates and suppress mailing for client review. Likewise, we offer deceased search can provide a DOD and suppress correspondence based on client business rules.

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Deliverability Notifications

FocusOne offers tools to ensure that you’re aware of any deliverability issues for your messages. These include:

Address Change Service (ACS)

FocusOne is integrated with the USPS allowing for the seamless integration of the USPS Address Change Service (ACS). ACS is a post mailing USPS service that helps to identify recent move updates. ACS allows the letter to be forwarded to the recipient while our customers receive an electronic change of address notification, reducing the amount of return mail and manual address update notifications.

Return Mail Handling

FocusOne knows that it takes valuable resources to manage a return mail program in-house. Our streamlined system will manage this process by identifying return mail electronically and returning these mail updates through a standard return file.

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