FocusOne provides tools that allow their customers the ability to reduce return mail, control monthly mailing costs and get their critical documents delivered to the right person with the correct information delivered to the correct address. Whether it is a personalized document, letter, statement, invoice, or postcard, our laser printers provide you with an efficient, cost-effective solution.

mailing services done right

Custom Size Forms and Envelopes

Personalize your mailing with custom letter stock and/or special envelopes. We will create statements matching your specifications or you can work with our in-house graphic designers to create fresh new designs that ensure deliverability and clearly convey a message to the recipient and visibly indicate action to be taken to ensure payment.


With pressure seal technology you can create, process and deliver mailed pieces without an envelope. By eliminating the printed envelope from the process, pressure seal is a green alternative for high volume mailings.

Variable Color

Add highlight color to facilitate message communications by utilizing visual hierarchy with the use of visual cues, such as color, typeface, size, and positioning to convey the relative importance of information in a letter or statement. Hierarchy provides order and helps consumers prioritize and comprehend information more quickly and accurately and ultimately enhances communications and payments. By giving different pieces of information different visual weight and by strategically organizing how you group and position your information, you can elevate and reinforce key points and make your messages more engaging and effective.

Buck Slips and Inserts

A Buck Slip is a small printed piece that contains a specific offer or marketing messages. Buck Slips are single unfolded sheets that measure 8.5” x 3.5” or smaller. A buck slip is basically a miniature flyer designed to grab attention and encourage action. Buck Slips can be printed in full color, on one or both sides. Despite being simple and inexpensive, buck slips are very effective marketing tools.

Automatic Volume Discounts

FocusOne offers customers tiered volume rates. As volume increases your letter rate will automatically decrease providing flexibility for cost management and planning. No need for contract renegotiation as volumes increase. Your rates will automatically be adjusted to reflect the volume.

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Email Delivery / eStatements

In addition to traditional physical print and mail processing, FocusOne also provides the option to communicate and send messages to your consumers electronically. FocusOne developed a secure email platform that allows our customers to send electronic customer communications. Our eStatement service delivers your message for a quicker consumer response. Businesses of all sizes are searching for ways to cut costs, increase efficiency and recover receivables faster. One simple way is to email your invoices and statements. The cost is a fraction of what you will pay to use the USPS.

Certified Mail

FocusOne has developed a trusted Certified Mail product that delivers your mission critical, time-sensitive documents with One Day Processing and Return Receipts. Certified Mail provides proof which includes the date an item was mailed, letter tracking, and delivery confirmation. Certified Mail requires a signature upon delivery to provide proof the item was delivered. Certified Mail is used primarily for important legal and compliance mailings.

Foreign Mail Processing

FocusOne can help manage your foreign mail requirements.

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You are in command with iView

All our clients have access to our iView Command Center, which is a secure web-based online client interface and account access portal that allows our customers a proprietary system for file and account tracking as well as reporting, confirmation of file receipt, access to pdf copies and online creation and access affidavit or record receipt and mailing.

Transaction Data Retention

Easy access to time critical data retained for a minimum of seven years.

PDF Letter View

FocusOne retains a PDF of customers letters and statements for a period of seven years for the customer retention requirements. Our iView product allows FocusOne customers the ability to retrieve a PDF copy of any correspondence for up to seven years.

Mailing Affidavit and Proof of Delivery

Utilizing the iView product, customers can automatically download a Mailing Affidavit and Proof of Delivery with the click of a button.

File Status Tracking

Using our proprietary iView tool all File can be tracked for disposition

Account Tracking

Our iView tracking tool allows for Account level tracking through our process.

Report Access and Download

Our iView web portal allows automatic report access and download capability

File and Record Stops

Customers can control any File or Record stops through the iView web portal.

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Need something custom? No problem.

IVR Integration

At FocusOne we will integrate our process with your IVR partner allowing our Customers the flexibility to choose their IVR solution.

Payment Portal Integration

FocusOne will integrate with your Payment Portal provider allowing you the flexibility to choose your Payment provider based on market conditions

SMS Text Integration

FocusOne also offers Text messaging as part of our electronic notifications. Our text service offers Billing Reminders, Payments, and Collections.

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